I was very lucky to have been given the chance to travel with top underwater cameraman Rick Rosenthal to Dominique and the Azores when he was filming scenes for the BBC's "Blue Planet" series. Rick was principally there to film Sperm Whales. They proved to be very elusive but while we searched for those, the dolphins kept us company.                                                 

The Azores was the last place to hunt Sperm Whales from small open rowing boats. Although the idea of killing such a wonderful animal appalls me I couldn't help but reflect on the bravery of those men as they risked their lives from the original 'Hand of God'- the huge whales tail slapping down on the oceans surface.

Since the banning of whale hunting in the Azores in the mid 1980's the local people work with companies that offer Whale and Dolphin watching trips.

The Azores sit on the junction of three tectonic plates and has historically suffered some terrible earthquakes. The last big one was in 1998 which made 1700 people homeless and caused a huge amount of damage to many buildings including the Ribeirinha lighthouse. Its ruins still remain as a memorial.

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