I travelled down to Mzima which is in Tsavo National Park from Nairobi to work on Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone's "Mzima-Haunt of the River Horse".

It was hot...very hot in my editing tent. The little red lights warning that the hard drives on my editing system were overheating flashed continually throughout the edit. I used to play the CD Preisners 'Requiem for my Friend' on my headphones and think of those cool Warsaw Cathedral walls to help stay cool.

Preisner subsequently re-recorded a lot of his music in the church of Wieliczka which is in an old salt mine 130 metres below ground which sounds like a must have for those hot African edits.

I spent several months working with Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone on the post production of both "Mzima" and "The Queen of Trees" at their studio in Cornwall. There are very few pictures of my first visit as it coincided with what was locally referred to as "the 100 days". For three months it poured with rain virtually non stop. For once I was very happy to sit in my cosy edit suite and watch the rain sweep in from the Atlantic. I was surprised to find that the Scottish poet W.S. Graham had lived there and worked as an auxiliary coastguard at Gurnards' Head. In one of his letters he wrote ...“my coastguard duties have begun again and here I am writing here from this hut right up on top of the rock of Gurnard’s Head with a low veiled lamp lit and a port or starboard light outside moving across that awful roaring sea dark”.

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